Darrel Dishner

Though I’ve been involved in the arts my entire life, both as a musician as well as an avid supporter, I’ve NEVER liked having my photograph taken. It’s crazy and probably silly to most that I can stand on a stage in front of tens of thousands and feel completely comfortable and in my element but put me in front of a single camera and something just clicks in me and every insecurity I’ve ever even imagined comes out and begins to show all over me! I am scared to death of a camera (at least the lens side of it). Barb is the only photographer that I have ever worked with ( and I’ve worked with hundreds) who completely puts me at ease and completely somehow dispels those insecurities. Needless to say, I love her work! And I know that if it were a love of nothing more than the professional caliber and resulting photograph that alone would make me an enduring fan, but more than her craft, I love and appreciate the person behind that camera because she has helped me learn how to more readily accept and love myself. She has taken and somehow made the intangible ideal of seeing the very best in everyone and everything and made it very tangible by capturing it with such grace and skill that the end result allows us all to see the world around us and ourselves as she sees us.