House Remodeling – the Recovery Begins

My previous post detailed the beginning of this project.  Day 2, Monday, August 25th, was the beginning of recovery efforts.  Dalworth Restoration arrived mid-morning and quickly began their triage.  They spent most of Monday cleaning up the soaked ceiling tile in the office and pulling down drenched sheet rock in the garage.  Every pull revealed more trapped water  that spilled as it was released.  By the end of the day, there were 14 industrial fans and 2 dehumidifiers stationed in various locations throughout the house. Our technician, Reuben, indicated that it would take 3-5 days for the house to completely dry out. They would come back daily to take readings until everything was dry. Jan had made contact with MetLife, our house insurance company, and had a great conversation with Matt, our adjuster.  He said he could come out Tuesday morning to start the claim process.   Although no fans were in our bedroom, which luckily sustained no damage, it was extremely loud and very tough to sleep.  And, of course, the cats who prefer to sleep in our bedroom, didn’t care that they were now restricted there.

Have I mentioned that we were to start vacation on Wednesday?!?!

Matt arrived Tuesday morning and I stayed home to be part of that meeting.  He was quick to assure us that all would be well.  He took photos and measurements and said at the very least, all of the hardwood floors upstairs (hall and 3 bedrooms) would need to be refinished due to the damage in the hall.  He also said that they would pay for us to move to a hotel for the couple of weeks that it would take to do that.  We weren’t immediately concerned with that as we were about what to do with the cats while we were gone, especially with people coming in and out every day.  He said that they would take care of the boarding bill, so that allowed us to make the decision to leave for our vacation on time.  Reuben, from Dalworth, arrived Tuesday with more help as they continued to find all of the water.  They determined that no water came into either of the other two bedrooms though they were adjacent to the bathroom that started everything.  However, just for kicks, they added 3 more fans.  They also moved all of the contents on the damaged side of the garage to the other side, where our brand new car lived. As they finished up on Tuesday, Reuben said they would return on Wednesday to remove the baseboards in the office so holes could be drilled into the sheetrock.

After another loud night, we arose, packed the car, and headed east as the Dalworth truck pulled up.  BUT, we were officially on vacation!!!

2014-08-25 16.41.28 2014-08-25 16.41.19

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