House Remodeling – Might as Well Blog

Maybe as a way to keep some sanity and possibly evidence, I am going to attempt to record our home remodeling experience here in my blog.  I will add posts occasionally documenting what we are doing and learning.  Feel free to read along and be entertained or to simply agonize along with us.


On August 24th, we came home from church to find water streaming down our driveway.  Upon opening the garage door, we saw the rain event occurring in the garage.  While Jan frantically looked for things to rescue, I ran into the house to find the upstairs toilet gushing water everywhere.  I quickly turned off the supply valve. The hallway, with 60 year old hardwood floors, had standing water in it.  I ran back downstairs and opened my office, which is behind the garage.  Our poor cat, Duster, was screeching in a tone never before heard from him.  He was on top of the desk surrounded by soaking wet ceiling tile.  Of course, he was fine, but that was not his opinion.  But the floor was full of most of the ceiling tile that was in that room.  Everything on the desk was covered in tile and insulation, all wet.  The next chore was to corral all 3 cats into our bedroom, which wasn’t easy since they were a bit disturbed by all of the new activity.

Jan continued her rescue efforts with her quick decision-making abilities.  She identified things that needed immediate attention such as photos, boxes, etc.  Thanks to her, most of our valuables were in plastic tubs and were not damaged at all.  I saved my wine.  Once back inside, we soon discovered that a full bookcase of books was soaking up water.  Jan laid out plastic trash bags all over the living room and I began hauling up the books.  Of my college annuals, only 1 was severely damaged.  We did lose about 250 paperback books in the process, which made for a heavy recycling bin.  My desktop computer was blinking, our modem was off, the security system control box was flashing red, and the canned lights  were hanging by their wires.

So here it is Sunday afternoon, and it looks like our traditional Sunday nap is out of the question.  I called Dalworth, who said they couldn’t come out until Monday. I sent an email to our insurance agent letting him know about our future claim.  Oh, and we were scheduled to leave on vacation the following Wednesday!!  Paid for and everything!  The rest of our Sunday consisted of going through what we could, throwing away or recycling quite a bit of stuff, and finally getting a little rest.  Three cats were, for now, residents of our bedroom.

2014-08-24 14.36.45  2014-08-24 14.43.322014-08-24 18.13.47

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